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  'Archaeology of the 'Self''                                                        Finding the Jewel within

Josephine Airns

Whether it is to develop yourself towards living your aspirations, face and overcome a personal/professional life challenge, deal with relationship or health issues or just feel happier in yourself, Josephine tailors her work to your needs, supporting you in becoming an empowered individual, happy in your skin.
Imagine it to be like 'Archaeology of the 'Self'' - a way of accessing and transforming what is stopping you from living your full potential or stands in the way of you experiencing happiness, joy, peace, success, abundance and fulfilment in your life. Let yourself discover who you are, have the courage to live who you are, and to share who you are, so you make a positive contribution to life.
I offer one-to-one and group work with a mix of Resonance Repatterning, coaching, insight work and more. I practice from the Llangollen Natural Health Clinic, North Wales, from my home and also over the telephone.
I am passionate about this work and committed to journeying with anyone who wishes to explore within.
Transformational Personal & Spiritual Development
Commitment Program - Personal Mastery, Professional Mastery
Professional Practitioner CPD;
Resonance Repatterning Student mentoring to Qualification & CPD;
To discuss how this work could help you or to make an appointment, contact me

Josephine Airns ~  Certified Practitioner and Designated Observer  (RPA USA)             

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